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Here’s why AI search engines really can’t kill Google

The Verge

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AI-powered search engines are being touted as the future of search, with companies like Perplexity and claiming to be the next-gen search products. However, the real question is not only how well these search engines can find information but also how well they can handle various types of queries that users typically have. When it comes to navigation queries, AI search engines struggle to provide immediate and accurate results compared to Google. For information queries, AI search engines vary in their performance, with Google often providing faster and more reliable results. In terms of exploration queries, AI search engines can shine by providing more in-depth and synthesized answers with helpful citations. However, when it comes to queries like "what to watch," Google's specific page design and curated recommendations surpass the capabilities of AI bots. Overall, while AI-powered search engines show promise in certain areas, they still have a long way to go in replicating the comprehensive and efficient search experience that Google provides.

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