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Clubhouse rebrands itself as an audio messaging app as it looks to make a comeback

Economic Times

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Clubhouse is attempting a comeback by transforming into more of a messaging app. It's introducing voice-only group messages called "Chats," allowing users to engage asynchronously. Chats are designed to be fast, fun, and personal, with features like push-to-talk, 2x speed listening, and voice messages. Clubhouse is also switching from a "follow" model to a "friend" model and discontinuing its text message feature. These changes aim to make it easier for users to stay connected and engage with friends. The move comes as Clubhouse faces challenges in retaining users and evolves its platform to remain relevant.


Anurag Prasoon
Anurag Prasoon19 y/o Web Dev 🧑‍💻 | Startup Enthusias....

let's see can clubhouse recreate the hype that it had in 2021

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10 months ago

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