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Justbaat.AI Is Disrupting Mainstream Media With Its AI Assistants


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Justbaat.AI, an AI-powered video creation platform, aims to streamline the creation of digital audio/video content for media houses. The platform uses AI to simplify video production, allowing users to create digital avatars, translate videos into multiple languages, and generate videos from text inputs. Justbaat.AI's platform is built on ChatGPT 3.5 LLM and is trained on over 2,000 hours of data accessed from its media clients. The company offers a range of video creation options and features an AI-generated news anchor that can speak in different languages with various voice modulations. Justbaat.AI plans to expand its geographies and offer marketing solutions for brands in the future.


Dosti forever
Dosti forever

It may be sound stupid, as an youth i am talking against AI . But can anyone tell why we need AI in every field when we have a lot of human resource ( as on earth we have highest population ever before) Why we can't create an economy which creates a balance in our society. Because introducing AI in all field make more and more people jobless. I think there should be a limit for AI in our daily life. One day instead of medicine they make viruses and no one can stop them. Its a time bomb. Please keep detonator in human hands ( not hand).

29 days ago

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